A Collaborative Innovation Partner

Synergies Design Inc. is a proud partner with many growing businesses who strive for technological innovation and efficiency. We believe that there is always a better way to ensure efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning, and market share. Our reputable success lies in the development of effective strategies for marketing, management and implementation with our clients.

Joint Ownership Program

We're passionate about the products we help develop and demonstrate this through our ownership program. This selective program has proven to be a huge help in offsetting the many costs associated with starting new ventures. Have a good idea but not the capital? We can help you reduce the risks and barriers to starting your own company. Please contact us for more information or book your assessment appointment at info@synergiesdesign.com.



Matrix-Style Business Development

Our expertise and industry experience spans from the world of commercial advertising to community building for both online and offline, but we don't do this alone. What sets Synergies apart from other firms is our Matrix-style approach to corporate development. Teams are comprised of experts in various fields and from various companies depending on the budget, scope and specific requirements. This approach allows a degree of flexibility and specialization that is often inaccessible to others outside of the industry.

Flexibility Through Phase Planning

Business requirements change over time depending on the phase of development. We keep this in mind when developing business strategies and gather expertise where necessary; whether it involves a team for market penetration over six months during start-up or establishing a customer fulfillment program and training new hires.


Marketing: Going digital with new media

We at Synergies Design Inc. are specialists in online marketing involving web-based interaction such as websites, web applications and community building. Combined with traditional offline marketing and the creative use of community, we're experts at building value for brands and organisations.

Contact Us

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"Synergies Design has helped us immensely with our rebranding, bringing us up to date with the latest trends, styles and image. We are glad to be working with this marketing team and are constantly blown away by their creative results."

- Shane Baghai Development Inc.
A Leader in Luxury Homes


"Six months ago Kiwi Seminars didn't even exist. Today, we are quickly becoming the leader in web safety eduction and have gained associations with the Ontario Provincial Police, Barrie Police and school boards abroad. Synergies Design helped us every step of the way from establishing the non-profit organisation to hiring and product development."

- Kiwi Commons
Leaders in web safety education